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Britt works with women in collaboration with different companies, workshops/bootcamps/group training/presentations, personal training and now, virtually via the BodyActive app!


We believe education is the key to a world where women can train and have a healthy relationship with their body image. Not one or the other.


We aspire to help create a world where women feel powerful, knowledgeable, less anxiety, less eating disorders, less bullying.


We look forward to helping you become your happiest and most free self.


An experienced trainer committed to educate women on how to have a healthy relationship with their training and body image.

Britt has been in the fitness industry for around 7 years and has worked with some incredible people and companies along the way. You can train with Britt either online or face to face and this is a hub where you can enquire about both!


Freedom is a state of mind. It is to find strength in who we are, not what we want. Ironically this is the state where desires are likely to come true effortlessly. And the best part is that all of this is possible with the right tools and guidance. Britt is committed to helping you find this state.

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