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Join the BodyActive app today for less than $7 a day or trial Britt’s app with the locked version!


The Bodyactive app was designed as a platform where Britt could train women the way she trains her face-to-face clients and the way she trains herself.

The app provides in-gym workouts, at-home workouts, community, education, flexibility, accountability, variety and virtual personal training which are all tools that will help you to reach a healthy relationship with your training and body image.

Progressive program and unlimited workouts

Proven Results & Accountability



Accredited Trainer


Accountability: PT in your pocket. 24/7 access and contact with Britt. You get the benefits of a personal trainer but for the price of a coffee per week instead of hundreds of dollars!

A progressive strength program: Found in the Strength By Britt section where you are given 3 workouts a week along with a tracking sheet.

Energize workouts: Get a sweat on with these 30 minute workouts using minimal equipment.

Travel workouts: The best equipment free workouts you will ever try! To use when traveling or at home.

Pilates: Mat pilates with Liv, no equipment required.

Mobility and troubleshooting: Tools to help you with aches and pains, injuries, preventing injuries, improvement in flexibility and stability.

5 minute ab finishers: Equipment free finishers to put on the end of any style of exercise

Planner: A flexible planner where you can personalise your week with BA workouts

Challenges: The BodyActive community come together and do challenges together whether mini or major to help us stay on track with our healthy lifestyle. The challenges are more ‘programs’ to help you feel your best all year around, the habits formed are to be carried on post-challenge and become a part of your everyday life. These programs also remain on the app so you can complete them anytime.


Community: The best community ever! Join our inclusive and encouraging community! We engage via the facebook group, the in-app community section, at BA events, live workouts and face to face meet ups with Britt!

Cancel: No stress, If you wish to cancel then you can do so at anytime via subscriptions in settings


Thanks for getting in touch, I'll be in touch as soon as possible!

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