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Currently, there is a rise in negative body image and mental health among women and I wish to step up and help to intercept this by encouraging healthier habits and sharing my experiences to hopefully impact the lives of others.


I can host events or simply tailor a presentation to best suit your facility. Connecting to your audience comes naturally to me especially when it comes to something I feel so passionate about and that is improving the mental and physical health of your community.


As an adidas trainer, business owner and fitness influencer, I want to help young females learn the life skills that I wish I had learned at school. 


I believe it can be truly helpful for young people to have someone relatable to look up to, to model behaviours and to come in and educate students on healthy habits that assist with both physical and mental health. 


After recognising the need for young women to have strong female role models in their lives, I have now designed workshops for schools and would love to have you involved.


The programs can range from healthy body image and acceptance at junior levels right through to healthy habits, exercise, mental health, and ‘app’ creation at senior level. I can easily design my program around small intimate classes or cater to a large audience, whatever meets the schools needs best.


I can tailor the experience to the appropriate curriculum documents (VIC CURRICULUM), especially within a Health and Physical Education context. The focus can include topics on valuing movement, critically analysing contextual factors that influence identities, relationships, decisions, and behaviours.


Other topics that can be included:  The good and bad of social media.  Self-love, the importance of living a healthy balanced lifestyle and the importance of fitness/movement for mental health and becoming a business owner/following your passion. I can also incorporate a workout or tailor topics to best suit your environment. 


Most of my clients and the people following by business online/ via the App, are in the adolescent age bracket and over time I have realised just how much body image issues are impacting young females . A relatable role model really does provide support, context and a healthy outlet for young woman who may be seeking this in all the wrong places.


If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please make contact. I would love to build an ongoing relationship with your school. My biggest aim is to help and have a positive influence on the females in our community.


Last week we to heard a talk from Britt about her app and her journey to where she is now. Being someone who was just like us, she was so good to listen to. I really liked he explain why loving our body was so important and why making changes to be active can help us in the future. Thanks Brit for your words of wisdom

— Student OLSH college

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